The discipleship committee met to determine what had been done and what needed to be done in the area of collegiate discipleship within the SBC. The discussion led to the question of what are the minimum core principles or standards as we came to call them, that every student should be exposed to during their collegiate experience either in the local church, the campus ministry, or both preferably. We realize that every campus ministry and every collegiate church will express these differently and some will add others in place of some of the ones we ultimately settled upon.

The committee believes that these ten standards are a good starting point for the development of solid Baptist disciples of Jesus. They also can be represented by the five inward arrows and five outward arrows of the BCM logo. The inward focused standards are prayer, Bible study, knowing God’s will, worship, and knowing what is the Gospel itself. The five outward standards are evangelism, quality relationships or community, missions, living a transformed life, and connecting to the body of Christ, the church.

The committee will be working with noted authors and campus ministers to produce a series of blog articles on these standards to be released on the website and a booklet to help new students gain a basic understanding of the standards as they agree to become collegiate disciples.

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