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Campus Ministry Spotlight: Priority Christian Challenge

Priority Christian Challenge at California State University San Marcos was launched in August 1999 when there were only 5,000 students at this decade old university. Now, there are more than 18,000. Milt Hughes and Ruth Bran moved to San Marcos to begin the work in conjunction with Neil Walker, state director of Southern Baptist collegiate […]

5 Ways to Be Larger in College Ministry

Ever wanted your college ministry to be larger? Well, making your ministry larger doesn’t always center around the number of students who attend, but rather it’s the quality of your ministry that truly makes it great and impactful. Here are five key ways to be larger in campus ministry. 1.  Look for colleagues in ministry […]

College Students, Wise Choices, and the Unknown

March 31, 2019

  While she’s not one to spiritualize pop culture, Sarah Farley believes the well-known story “Into the Woods” hits on so many themes with which our college students struggle. As many students are in a season of wishing for things in their lives, they struggle with the fear of the unknown with their future. In this […]

How to Help College Students Not Waste Summer Break

March 31, 2019

With summer quickly approaching, college students all over the U.S. are dreaming about what they’ll do, where they’ll do it, and how much it will cost them—or how much they can make. What I wish someone would have said to me during those years is, don’t waste your summer! There’s no denying that the college […]

Are Your Students Allured by the Deep End?

March 15, 2019
Discipleship, Leadership

As a young man growing up in Southern Appalachia, Conan Sherlin never had the opportunity for much swimming. He learned some basics during a beach trip one year, but even with that modest lesson, he wasn’t a very good swimmer. He didn’t practice the sport or improve on the mere basics he had been taught. […]

Do Your College Students Need Hope While Waiting?

February 28, 2019

  Waiting, especially if it has been a long wait, wears on your heart and soul—especially for college students. They may believe God hears them; They believe He is able to bring their waiting to an end. So, why won’t He? In this blog for LifeWay Young Adults, Corley Shumaker explains that while she can’t answer for […]

4 Considerations for Selecting College Student Leaders in Ministry

January 15, 2019
Church-Based, Leadership

  It’s that time of year when many college ministries are selecting leaders for the new year or semester. Giving college students an opportunity to step into leadership roles allows opportunities to develop their spiritual gifts, explore future and deeper ministry involvement, and fulfill a greater call on their lives to invest in God’s Kingdom. These […]

6 Questions to Ask Students Before Christmas Break

December 15, 2018

  Christmastime is here. And yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But, for those of us involved in college ministry, it’s also a strategic runway for the spring semester. God began many things on campus in the fall that He will continue or finish in the spring. In this blog for LifeWay […]

Should College Ministers Work with Parents?

October 12, 2018
Church-Based, Leadership

One friend who had moved from youth ministry to college ministry said the thing he liked most about it was, “No parents!” I get what he was saying…but…I think we make a mistake if we are not trying to connect to and help parents of college students. Parents are looking for ways to be helpful […]