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Campus Ministry Spotlight: Priority Christian Challenge

Priority Christian Challenge at California State University San Marcos was launched in August 1999 when there were only 5,000 students at this decade old university. Now, there are more than 18,000. Milt Hughes and Ruth Bran moved to San Marcos to begin the work in conjunction with Neil Walker, state director of Southern Baptist collegiate […]

Campus Ministry Spotlight: University of Alaska Anchorage

Our campus ministry spotlight for this quarter is the Mosaic Campus Ministry at the University of Alaska  Anchorage (UAA). Founded in 1954, UAA administers four community campuses spread across Southcentral Alaska—Kenai Peninsula College, Kodiak College, Matanuska–Susitna College, and Prince William Sound College. Between the community campuses and the main Anchorage campus, more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are currently enrolled at […]

A New “Tradition”

In discussing how we did collegiate ministry here in Pennsylvania/South Jersey a few years back, a fellow campus minister from another region said, “We don’t do traditional Baptist collegiate ministry in our area.” That got me wondering what he meant. Was he thinking of a BSM building, with offices for paid staff and with meeting […]

Love Your Neighbor

February 8, 2017
Discipleship, Evangelism, Missions

The college campus is still one of the most diverse places in our nation. There is no other place where differing views, cultures and life experiences so come together in one place. Last year, 1.3 million international students arrived at 8,979 universities in the U.S. from countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil. […]

Update from BCNet Evangelism Team

August 24, 2015
Evangelism, Newsletter Content

The BCNet Evangelism Team exists to motivate Christian college students to share their faith on their campuses, resource students and collegiate ministry leaders for evangelism, and coordinate national evangelistic initiatives in which campus ministries and churches can participate. Those serving on the team include: Doug Adams — College Pastor at Spotswood Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, VA […]

Evangelism Resource for your Campus!

You’ve heard of Soularium…right?  The BCNet Evangelism Team is offering this resource to your campus for a great deal of only $5/kit! The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio (Ohio SBC) will continue to house a supply of Soularium kits for distribution via our arrangement with Rick James of Cru Press.  We will continue (for the foreseeable […]

Waypoints on the Discipleship Journey: Evangelism

March 31, 2014
Discipleship, Evangelism

If you’re anything like me, witnessing comes super-easily. It seems I can winsomely turn every conversation I have back to the foundations of the gospel, have people laughing, nodding their head in agreement, crying, and saying, “Amen!” within just a few minutes. I quote a verse, and people cry out, “Please, more truth, Ben!” I […]